Monday, February 07, 2011

Share Four Things You Enjoy

I got this idea from Crochet by the Sea, of sharing four things that you enjoy. My top four things for today are:

A warm hug from my loving husband. (Honestly, he gives the most wonderful loving embraces I have ever experienced!)

That first morning cup of chocolate truffle coffee with coconut cream creamer.

Thoughts and prayers of and from my wonderful family.

Seeing a child's tears turn to smiles.

I would greatly appreciate it if you'd share four things that you enjoy with me, too!


glor said...

My four are:
The first cup of morning coffee.
The early morning hours.
Watching a sunrise and the earth awakening.
Starting my day with His word.
Look forward to seeing you at Faith's on Mondays. I think its such a great way to start the week. Have a great evening.

pattas said...

Morning is the best part of the day..
The quiet of the evening..
A good book,
my crochet :))

Faith said...

Beautiful Doily, it looks like Glor's crochet along rising sun. So pretty and springy...Thank you for stopping by my place, and sharing your simple abudnace with all us. I hope you stop in again next Monday... or anytime light is always on, You already read my four...your coffee sounds so good..coconut creamer..LOVE IT...and warm bear hugs the bestest

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words about the doily. :)

I love your doily under the flowers. Lovely color, too.

My four are:
Sunlight spilling across the horizon in the early morning hours.
A craft project to cozy up to for the day.
My husband, he's a true blessing in my life.
The gift of prayer.

Wishing you a wonderful day. :)