Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Introducing Prince Ga-arra

Or as he is better known - Bubba!

Bubba is my rescue ferret. He is a very, very, big boy(over 10 pounds)! He was found in a pet store, dying. It seems all his brothers and sisters were sold, but because too many people want cute little baby ferrets, and Bubba is so very large, no one purchased him. Ferrets are social animals, most of them do not like to be alone, and they are not the type of animal that you can leave in a cage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They need time out of the cage every day, time to play and run around, time to exercise, and just plain old time for love!

Bubba loves to dig, he is a champion tunneler.

Because he was left in the cage with little to no attention, Bubba grew depressed and he stopped eating. When a friend of mine found him, he was close to death. The pet store let her have him and she brought him home to nurture him with her other 2 ferrets. She knew I was looking for another ferret and brought him to meet me as a surprise. I took one look at Bubba and fell in love. He and Wendy instantly took to each other, too.

You might think after being treating so badly by people, Bubba might have some social issues. You would be wrong! Bubba is the sweetest, most loving ferret you could ever hope to meet. He is so grateful for any attention that anyone pays him. When you pick him up, he gives you kisses and cuddles before he 'asks' to get down and play.

Bubba has been a part of our family for over two years now, and I love my baby boy Bubba more than ever!

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