Sunday, February 06, 2011

Down Time Show and Tell

As I said in my last post, I've been comforting myself with hooks and yarn. I thought I'd share some of the things that I've been making. This is a tiny airplane.

As you can see, my embroidery hasn't improved any, but I still think it's a cute little airplane. The best thing is that this plane can fly all over the house and not break anything!

This is for a little boy who likes Curious George. Unfortunately, I don't have two shades of brown yarn. I only have one shade of brown, and it's cotton yarn. I was afraid it would shrink if I tried making a toy out of it.

These are Heart Babies! Aren't they the cutest little things? The pink one was made exactly following the pattern. The red one I made a mistake on. Guess which one everyone seems to like better? The red one, of course!

A coral snake! I love snakes, and hopefully the little boy I made this for will like him, too.

I tried to follow the pattern for this snake, but I think I made a mistake somewhere as he doesn't seem to have as many stripes as the one on the pattern photo shows.

This is a tote or messenger bag I made for one of my teen age granddaughters. She loves pink, can you tell? I have a confession to make though. I made an error on this one, too. I used a magnetic snap to close it, and I didn't line the two halves up exact. Hopefully she won't be too disappointed. I love the lining material, and the way the thin black strips accent the pink.

This is the bag closed. The pattern crochets up in one piece, and is very easy to follow.

What do you make for a teenage boy? He doesn't wear hats or scarfs, they're not cool where he lives. He's too old for toys, though I threatened his mother that I would crochet a spider for him. (She's terrified of them!) He does belong to ROTC so I thought a camo duffel bag would be perfect for him. I looked all over the internet for a free pattern for a duffel bag like this, but couldn't find one, so this is my own design. Here it is opened.

The back of the duffel bag.

And here is the duffel bag closed. I used the backpack straps to pull the bag closed, and a magnetic snap to hold the flap closed.

Hope y'all enjoyed my little show and tell, and that you've had a wonderful weekend!


glor said...

How cute favorite is the hearts. Although the monkey is also so cute.

Becky Conway said...

I do like the little red heart baby better. More character :O)
I LOVE the monkey. He is very fun. But I think I like the airplane the best.