Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Passion for Purple

I'm still making baby jackets, still using up my scrap yarn. I originally started out to try and make another hooded baby jacket, but life got in the way. I wanted to block the doily I made this morning so it could dry and I could put it on the table for dinner. Then the ferrets cage needed cleaned, and I am in charge of making the evening meal, so I reluctantly put the jacket down as I was a couple rows into the planned hood.

As I set it aside, I noticed the 'hood' was folding down onto the jacket, and I had a thought. 'That looks just like a collar!' I took a closer look and decided that yes, it definitely wanted to be a collar!

And here you have my latest adaptation on Bev's Baby Jacket pattern: The Passion for Purple!


N. Maria said...

That is so beautiful! Love, love purple. I also love Bev's patterns. This is a pattern I have YET to master. I can't keep my crochet in line for the increases.

TurtleDoveCoo said...

I had problems with the increases, too, especially when it comes to the sleeves. You're only supposed to have 24 st, I always end up with 28 or so. I do dc dec to make the st count turn out right, and it works out fine.