Saturday, June 01, 2013

Garden Mouse

I went out to work in my garden today, and found I had a helper waiting for me. Lord knows, I sure could use the help! She's just a little mouse, but she sure seems to know her way around the plants. We made our first stop at a pot that was planted over two years ago by my granddaughter, Brianna. 

"These are Purple Queens", the little Garden Mouse Said.

 "They really should be weeded, you know."

I told her that I had been working on them, despite the clover and grass that she pointed out. "Maybe we should move along," she said, "I think I smell rain."

Next stop, the tomato planters. She supervised as I tied them up. They've gotten so top heavy that the wind blows them over. Last night a possum or a raccoon knocked two of them over and robbed me of some of my baby tomatoes. "Make sure you tie those knots tight!" Garden Mouse is a little bossy, I think.

"Oh, look! There's a baby tomato!"

We headed for the strawberry patch, but she was distracted by the flowers that grow outside my kitchen window. She may be bossy, she's also cute, so when she asked for a hand up so she could smell the flowers growing there, I was happy to oblige.

"Pretty, but no scent. Too bad!" commented Garden Mouse.

That's okay, I still like them!

We finally made it to the strawberry patch. Little mice do not walk very fast, especially when they have to stop and smell the flowers. 

"Where's the strawberries?" asked Garden Mouse. I told her that there weren't very many ripe one's right now, but if she looked carefully, she could probably find one or two.

"We'd better hurry, I still think it smells like rain!" said Garden Mouse.

"Garden Mouse? What's that in your hand?" said I.

"Oh, look! I found a baby strawberry! Now let's hurry inside before the rain starts!"


I made my little embroidered felt Garden Mouse with the help of a lovely tutorial and pattern I found at Inside NanaBread's Head. Pop on over there and try one out for yourself. They sure make nice company!