Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's Too Quiet...

Doodles, her mommy Robin, and dear hubby.
Goodbye Grandpa! Goodbye Doodles!

Our home seems so still and quiet once again. After a busy, hectic week, you'd think I would appreciate the peacefulness more.

I'm afraid to admit, I'm feeling a little sorry for myself right now. I'm going to miss so much having that little one curl up in my lap, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and murmuring, "good morning, Grandma..." (She's the first of my grandchildren to call me that, 'Grandma'. The rest all call me "NeNe" and I like that, but 'Grandma' is special, too.)

I'd forgotten how delightful they are at that age (she's a four year old), and everything they look at, touch, or do, is fun and exciting. And oh, how great it feels to have a little hand tuck into yours, you can't help but feel ten feet tall.

She, her mommy, daddy, brothers and sister, will all be coming here soon, this time to stay. Until she returns, I'll just have to be content with saving a spot on my lap for her.

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glor said...

How sweet, what a doll. And Gramma holding a space on her lap ... that is priceless.