Friday, February 25, 2011

New Baby Sets!

I wanted so much to post this earlier, but I was determined to finish it before I took photo's, and I didn't have any buttons to complete it. My darling daughter agreed to go shopping with me and I found these pretty little crystal-like buttons that I thought would be perfect for this set.

This baby jacket is a combination of three different patterns that I saw. I took the parts of each pattern I liked and this is what I came up with.

The baby moccasins are from the Sweet Little Baby Moccasins free pattern found here. It was my granddaughters idea to sew the buttons on the sides so they would be more stylish.

I'm in love with this feminine little set, pink is one of my favorite colors. What do you think?

I'm calling this baby set 'Fruit 'N Nuts'.

The jacket is made using another one of my favorite patterns, Bev's Baby Jacket. I added an edging to the fifth row. The matching moccasins are the same ones I posted yesterday, also from the Sweet Little Baby Moccasins pattern above.

Oh yes, and I called it Fruit 'N Nuts because the Caron Simply Soft colors I used are appropriately named Lemon and Pistachio.

Happy crocheting!


Faith said...

the jackets are beautiful..I think you would make equally as nice potholders and hotpads. Type in
vintage crochet hot pad patterns..there are a few links out there. I cannot recall a name at the moment.I'll be back with a few ideas.

Faith said...
there are few there to get you started...have fun..I love these.

Thank you for stopping by...