Saturday, February 05, 2011

I'm Still Here!

My body is going through a rebellion of sorts, so I haven't been doing much other than cingrocheting, I'm trying to catch up on some crocheted toys and bags for my new grankids in Chicago. So far I've made a messenger bag, a duffel bag, a coral snake, an airplane, a doll, a puppet doll in a blanket, two Valentine babies and am currently working on a monkey. He was supposed to be a Curious Gearge, but I discovered to my dismay that I don't have a solid dark brown yarn fir him, so he is going to be a two different shades of blue monkey.

I'll post some pics when I feel better and the weather cooperates. I had also hoped to introduce you to my rescue ferret Bubba. He's such a sweetheartm a real lover-boy.

We'll talk again soon! Till then crochet hugs!

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glor said...

My goodness you are one busy crocheter. Looking forward to seeing the results.