Monday, February 21, 2011

Loaf of Bread Jacket and Irish Hoodie

Ta-da! Here is the completed 'Loaf of Bread Challenge' baby jacket. I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

I was trying to go to sleep last night, and had a thought pop into my head. 'Why can't I put a hood on that baby jacket? It shouldn't be that hard to do...'

Well, guess what? It wasn't hard at all!

I'm calling this one, 'Luck of the Irish Hoodie' baby jacket. I used the same pattern found here for both jackets, for all the jackets I've made lately in fact. I just added a hood to it.

I admit, I could have planned this jacket a little better. I would have liked the hood a couple of rows larger, but I didn't have enough of the green yarn. I've been using leftovers and scraps for these little baby jackets. I plan on making another hoodie, this time with a longer hood!

My clover is coming along nicely, isn't it? I almost dread the lawn guys coming along and cutting it down. We've started working on our veggie garden, too. My granddaughter weeded the one raised bed yesterday, and planted some chard seeds. I want to plant more flowers this year, and more strawberries, though I fear the squirrels enjoy my strawberries more than I do. They get to them before the sun rises!

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely day!


Faith said...

the jackets are did a beautiful talented. and the green one looks lovely in the green, green is nice to see green...not white,white white.....have a great day....

glor said...

Love the jackets, great job, especially in adding the hood.