Friday, February 25, 2011

Crochet Is My Therapy

Yes, I know I've probably said that before, more than once, but it's so true. It helps me deal with or ignore the pain from pancreatitus attacks. If you are familiar with pancreatitus or not, I have the chronic type, and NO, I don't drink alcohol. I do have Type 2 diabetes, which doesn't help anything at all, but we think my pancreatitus was brought on by a regime of a pain medication prescribed to help ease a flare-up of pain from a herniated disc. What ever caused it, it's a tricky disease, one that fools me by easing for days or weeks, only to rear it's ugly head when I least expect it's symptoms. I've learned to deal with it, mainly by watching what I eat (too much fat is a guarantee for a flare-up). I've been dealing with an episode for the past couple of days.

Last night I had an unfortunate accident that only added to the 'fun'. I was making dinner, and reached up to the shelf that we keep our pots and pans on to get two skillets. I should have been patient and grabbed one at a time, but that's just not me. As I brought the second skillet out from the back of the shelf, I happened to catch a saucepan lid with the bottom of the skillet. Before I could react, the heavy glass lid (edged with metal to boot!) fell over five feet sideways and landed right on my second toe, just like a guillotine, cracking my toe like an egg.

So now I have a broken toe, with a huge blood blister on my first toe as well. I'm so grateful for my oldest daughter and my loving hubby at this time. My hubby made me sit down right away with my foot propped up and made a ice bag for my poor toe. My oldest daughter jumped right in and not only finished making dinner for us, but cleaned the kitchen afterwords as well. She is a treasure, indeed!

I had plans to go shopping for yarn, ribbon, and buttons today. My toe doesn't look too bad, it's badly bruised and still swollen, and hurts especially if I try to bend it. I may still go shopping, IF I can find someone to go with me, as I'm not sure how comfortable I would be driving (it's my right foot, the gas and brake foot).

Now I have to hobble off to the kitchen as my blood sugar is getting too low. I hope you all are having much better times than I am! Keep on smiling and enjoy your Friday. I know I plan to!


Faith said...

sit with your foot up and crochet..I bet it will be painful with a shoe hope your feeling better.

glor said...

Ouch, sorry to hear of your accident and of your health issues. Good day / weekend for crocheting. Take good care of yourself and hope you're feeling better on all fronts. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I am shuddering still from the thought of it. OUCH! Take care and do lots and lots of crocheting. It will make you feel SOOOO much better.

Hugs from Utah.

Heather said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. Take care of yourself and hopefully your toe will be on the mend soon. Crochet time always relaxes me. Hope you have a nice weekend. :-)

Charlotte said...

New follower! I found you on Crochet Galore's blog. Kepp crocheting!

Karen said...

So sorry about your injury :( Yes, crochet can make the pain go away for the doer as well as the receiver :)