Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I making progress on whittling down the pile of WIP sitting beside me. I finished these Fake Mary Jane's this morning and they are in the dryer right now along with a HUGE pile of baby things I've crocheted. I sewed the pearl buttons on this morning, and I'm so glad I chose them for these little shoes. I think they complete the look of the Angel Set.

I found the free pattern, written by Abagail Goss here. It's a lovely pattern to crochet. I made the strap a little larger (as it seemed a little tight, even for a newborn) by adding a chain, as per recommendations.

I finished these green jogging pants up this morning, too. I want to add the matching jacket to the set, and either a blanket or a hat, haven't decided yet. I need more yarn before I can do either.

The pattern for the Infant Jogging suit is a free one offered by Kim Guzman. It's a PDF download I found on Ravelry, I just love that group! They are much smaller than the blue drawstring pants I made the other day, and now I'm wondering about my sizing. I DID do the gauge swatch she recommended in the pattern, and I'm glad I did, as I had to move up a hook size. I can only imagine how tiny they would be if I had used the size hooks the pattern called for!

I'll be off to the post office this morning to send off three of the baby sets I've made to my Aunt Mary Jane, and hopefully to pick up some more yarn so I can whittle that WIP pile down further in size. Keep your fingers crossed that the stores have received more of the white yarn I need!

Happy Hooking, and have a great Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! These are adorable. You do such beautiful work.

glor said...

Ohhh, I love all these things! I have to make these too, where can I find the time. The booties ... going to get the pattern. You are inspiring me to really get going with the hook again.