Sunday, March 13, 2011

WIP - Finally?

I promised (days ago, I know) photo's of what I've been up to around here lately. THIS is not one of the things I've been doing, as you can plainly see. My ivy pot is going wild, it needs to be 'rearranged', weeded and thinned. Oh, and I need to finish cleaning up all the mess the raccons left from the pumpkins. (Those are pumpkin seeds on the patio,I just noticed at the bottom right corner.)

My hanging flowers also need some attention, weeded and fed mostly. All I have is purple blooms so far this year, and I normally have purple, pink and yellow!

This is a receiving quilt that is one of the few things that I've managed to finish. Would you believe there is NO white Caron Simply Soft to be found here? We only have two stores in our little town that carry yarn, and they are both OUT of white! I don't remember where I got this pattern from, I apologize. I do like to give credit where credit is due, especially when someone shares their hard work so freely. When I find the pattern link, I'll add it. I added an extra, as always. I wanted it to look more like a quilt, so I tied little yarn knots at the corners.

Correction: The baby blanket is the Double Diamond Baby Blanket, and can be found on the Bernat website here. I changed it up some, apparently, and used Caron Simply Soft, instead of the Bernat Softee Baby.

This is a leisure suit that I'm working on. I called it a jogging suit, but my dear hubby made the point of saying "Just how many babies do YOU see out jogging?" (I answered "None, that's why they so cute and chubby." I know, quite cheeky of me-sorry!) I love the drawstring baby pants, the pattern is by Dot Matthews and you can find it at Gotta love that website and all the people there! The jacket, which, I still need to find buttons for, is my favorite go to pattern from Bev's Country Cottage. I added button plackets, and changed the edging on the sleeves and around the jacket. I definately had a brain freeze when I went to purchase more yarn for this set. Instead of the Caron Simply Soft in Soft Blue that I needed, I purchase Light Country Blue! I made it work, as it will be a little while before I can afford to purchase more yarn. I want to add a pair of (crocheted) Converse sneakers to this set, I love the pattern! It's a free Ravelry download, can you believe it? I can't post a link to the pattern here, but if you're a member there, you can look it up and download it!

Another work-in-progress, my Angel Set. The pattern for the fake Mary Jane booties is written by Abagail Goss, and you can find it for free here. They still need the pearl buttons sewn on to them, and I need to find someone to thread my needles for me to do it.

I changed the Baby Girl Sleeper pattern a bit. It has the ties to be on the back, and I didn't think that would be very comfortable for a baby, their skin is so tender, so I put the ties and flowers on the front. I also made it longer to be more of a dress than a shirt. The Diaper Cover is from the same pattern, I want to add a flower to each side when I get more WHITE, darn it!

The receiving blanket, another work-in-progress, is a basic, less-holey, granny square that I am making with the same colors as the dress, Mary Jane's and diaper cover - all Caron Simply Soft in white, soft pink, and strawberry. Once again, I NEED MORE WHITE!!! W-a-a-a--h-h-h-h!!!

Finally, speaking of needing more white Simply Soft, Caron is running a contest, if you're interested. You write a short, 140 characters or less message stating why you love Caron Simply Soft, and if you win, you get SIX free skeins of Simply Soft in the color of your choice! That's my kind of contest! If you're interested in entering, you'll find the entry and details here. Correction, they are picking one winner a day until March 26, 2011.

I wish all of you a warm and loving weekend!


Gloria said...

I love the jogging suit and receiving blanket ... the pink outfit too! You certainly have been one busy crocheter. I have to go and check out the patterns. I think I need to make these.

Heather said...

You've been busy with your hook and yarn. All your projects are pretty and I'm sure will be well loved.

Cris said...

I've got to say, that I've seen lots of other people wearing jogging suits that don't jog either hehehehe I love the outfits and blankets - adorable!

Faith said...

As usualy TOP KNOTCH...oh so cute and so full of love.

Karen said...

The "leisure" suit is adorable. The babies you dress are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Such precious precious things you have made. Oh my gosh!!!!

Thanks for the link. It really made me laugh because I had just barely (I'm serious!) printed off that pattern. Great minds think alike. Are we two peas in a pod or what???

Hugs from Utah!