Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Now For Something Different

My granddaughter, Brianna, has expressed an interest in learning to draw and paint again, so she dragged out a bunch of my art supplies, and some samples from the classes I taught years ago. The above rose was one of my popular classes, and was done with pen and ink and watercolor.

This is a pen and ink poppy study. I learned to do drawings like this from free classes online, and discovered much to my delight, how great it made me feel. Talk about a confidence builder!

This is a pointillism pen and ink I did from a drawing I found online.

Another pointillism pen and ink with watercolor I did from a photo I found online. I love frogs!

Pen and ink poinsettia done in 2008. I keep stressing to my granddaughter that drawing and painting doesn't necessarily come naturally, it's something that you really have to work at. In other words, practice - practice- practice!

Daisy study done in pen and ink. I later did this same sketch in watercolor and pen and ink, but it was gifted to a loved one long ago.

A peach study from the book "The Art of Drawing by William Powell.

An autumn leaf study we did in one of the art classes I taught. We used different techniques to affect the shading and textures on these leaves.

A pen and ink watercolor hibiscus, one of my favorite flowers to draw and paint. I think I used metallic pens to add some highlights to this painting but I don't think you can tell from this photo.

Yet another hibiscus, this one I worked to teach using pen and ink and watercolor to teach blending and shading techniques.

Pen and ink fuchsia flower. I matted and framed this to give as a gift to one of my family members.

Watercolor, pen and ink daisy. This was one of my favorites, but it, too ended up as a gift.

I love dragons! This is just a colored pencil sketch I did as a doodle, but I think he turned out pretty cute.

A goofy little colorful fish, done as a doodle from a free lesson on line. I might just frame him and hang him in our bathroom, though I am not too sure how well he will be accepted by all the butterflies flitting around in there.

A colored pencil silly fish from a free lesson online.

A colored pencil sketch I did to enter into the Illustration Friday competition. I never did work up the courage to send try entering it.

Eye study in pen and ink from one of my favorite artists books written by Claudia Rice. She makes one feel that anything is possible!

A Chinese dragon I did in Colored pencil and ink for my oldest daughter. Unfortunately, she didn't seem too excited about it, so this poor lonelt dragon still haunts the pages of my drawing pad.

This is a sun my granddaughter did free hand in watercolor. There's a lot of artistic talent in our family, not just painting and drawing, but fiber artists and green thumbs as well.

Here's an egg study I did, practicing my shading techniques. I can't remember which book I got this exercise from, but it's probably still packed in one of the boxes out in our garage.

African violets I did in pen and ink. Someday I hope to do this in watercolor as well as pen and ink. African violets are one of my mother's favorite flowers, and I'm thinking it might make a nice Mother's day gift for her.

This was a lesson I taught in masking, splattering and blending as well as pen and ink. The class made a mess, but we were all happy with the results, even if they did end up a little abstract. Can you tell the painting is of birch trees and fall leaves?

A five minute pen and ink sketch of a much loved teddy bear.

So what about you? What other artistic talents do you keep hidden from the world? I dare you to share some samples with us, and I promise not to laugh at your if you don't laugh at mine!

I'm still crocheting on my Aunt Mary's Sister shawl. I'm afraid I'm going to run out of yarn before I can finish it, but I'm going to work on it until I do. I'll share some updates soon!
Until we meet again, Express YOURSELF!


Heather said...

Loved seeing your artwork this morning; you draw beautifully. I used to do pencil drawings and a little pen and ink, but that was years and years ago. It was fun seeing yours, thank you for sharing it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed seeing your artwork today. I like to draw but haven't done any for several years. You've inspired me to get out my tools. I always found it so relaxing.

glor said...

Oh my goodness, what talent! These are beautiful. I started watercolor painting about a year ago but leaves a lot to be desired. Seeing what you do ... I can't imagine being able to pick up a pen and draw like you do. Thanks for sharing and spreading some inspiration. I may have to go back for a class.

Cheri said...

Hi, new follower!

Karen said...

That is an amazing gallery!