Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Fever

I need a gardener! Honestly, my garden is in such a mess right now. Since I can't afford to pay for someone to come in and clean it, I've come up with an alternative plan. I'm going to have a Garden Tea Party!

My granddaughter has the whole of next week off from school, and I've already informed here that WE ALL will be working on cleaning up the garden beds and planters. To make it a little more fun for her, and the rest of it, I decided to reward us with a tea party after we're finished.

I made a invitation and posted it on our refrigerator door, planned the menu, and the decorations. Now I'm trying to decide on some party favors to make and give out.

I'm also dreaming of what to plant in our newly cleaned garden. Last year we planted tomatoes, peppers, herbs and eggplants in our garden. We also have my rose bushes, a couple of hibiscus plants, a strawberry planter, an ivy planter, and a couple more planters that survived the bitter freeze we had this winter here in northeast Florida.

This year I want to do just flowers. Pansies. Marigolds. Violets. Others I haven't decided on yet.

How about you? Do you have spring fever? Are you planning what to plant in your garden this year? Have you ever had or attended a garden tea party? Please consider sharing with me, I can use all the help I can get!


glor said...

Sounds like a grand time. After the winter we've all had we need garden time!

Karen said...

My garden is a mess, but the squirrels and birds don't seem to care. I think most of the bulbs planted in our garden are as a result of the squirrels burying them --- they're my gardeners :D Your garden party sounds like it's going to be a blast!