Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's One of THOSE Days

I was very flattered when my cousin asked me to make my Angel Rosebud Baby Set for her to give to one of her newborn grand-babies. She loved the set I made, which you can see here, but wanted different colors. I had a couple of other projects to do before I could get to hers, but I finally picked up the yarn and hooks this morning to get it started.

Everything was going well. I made the little dress with no problem, and the sweet hat to match. Even the baby shoes went together easier than the first time I made the pattern.

Then I hit a snag.

I can't remember how I made the little rosebud 'wreaths' I put on the top of the original baby shoes. I have looked at the pictures. I pulled the pair of shoes out of the bag I'm keeping the laundered baby things in and looked at them. I searched through my documents on my computer, but nothing has helped!

I'm normally pretty good about writing down patterns that I either make myself, or change from the originals. But I apparently had a brain burp when I made those little wreaths, because there's not a note to be found anywhere.


I guess I'm just going to have to do some experimenting.

I hope you're doing better today with your brain than I am!

Happy hooking!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll come up with it -- and if not make this an opportunity to design something new and lovely to go on them.

glor said...

You'll mot likely come up with something even better, your work is always so beautiful.