Sunday, April 10, 2011

Temporary Setback

I. Give. Up.

Don't look at the background of my blog. No, no, no! Don't pay any attention to the layout either! I just spent (wasted) an hour trying to put a nice Eater background on my blog, and rearranging the layout to fit, and it didn't work. Not to my satisfaction at least.

Just.... Look at the pretty Easter Bunny and his friends up there! Isn't that lovely? What? No, I'm not trying to distract you. Would I do that??? No, no no...

Actually, I posted the photo of the Easter Bunny for a reason. The image is from one of my old children's books, "The Story Of The Easter Bunny", written by Sheila Black and illustrated by Robyn Officer.

It's a nice story to read to the little one's around this time of year, but that wasn't why I chose this book for my collection. It's the illustration's that caught my eye. I love her style! It's what I strive for in my watercolors and my colored pencil art. She gives just the right amount of detail, and her highlights are perfect. I wish my art work was more like hers, and I suppose if I am to believe what I keep telling my grand-daughter, that's why we keep practicing - practicing - practicing!


I hope you are all having a wonderful, sunny and warm Sunday!


Gloria said...

The pictures are so very pretty. I think your blog is looking very nice.

Faith said...

whats wrong with the blog? I think it looks very does take a while sometimes, trial and error.
I love the Bunny, just the way he should look don't you think?

Cris said...

Well, I do enjoy your blog layout (don't know if it has been changed since you posted though) - I do love watercolors. Lovely, both images!

Just a Girl said...

I really LOVE your most updated background! It really looks pretty, and doesn't take away from your page at all. :)