Friday, April 01, 2011

I Remember Grandma

My Grandma in her sunflower patch.

As I sat quietly crocheting this morning, I started thinking about the first time I saw someone working with hooks and yarn, and how intriguing it was to me. It was my own grandma, of course, she was the type of person who couldn't just sit still and do nothing.

Grandma was one of my heroes when I was growing up. There was nothing I loved more than spending time at her house. Even with all the other grandchildren she had, she had the special talent of making each and every one of us feel like we were her personal favorites.

I remember Grandma loved to bake and crochet. She loved to garden, too, but best of all she loved to spend time with us.

She lived on a tree farm way out in the country, and grew not only Christmas trees to sell, but she had a blueberry farm where we kids spent many a summer day helping pick the plump, juicy berries for her to sell. I'm not sure if more berries ended up in our bellies or in the baskets, but it's one of my favorite memories.

Grandma used to let us spend summer nights camped out in a tent in her front yard, and that was always an adventure to me. I'd fall asleep listening to the turtledoves coo, and crickets chirp. I tried very hard not to wonder what the other sounds were I heard were coming from. I knew Grandma and grandpa wouldn't let any coyotes or bears get us, They would keep us safe from any dangers.

I remember that when ever I got hurt or sick, not one else could take care of me like my grandma. My Mom was wonderful, too, don't get me wrong, but she had four other children to take care of. When I was with my grandma, she had the special skill of making me feel as if I was the only child in the world, and as such, the most important one as well.

One of my special memories involves peaches and my own children. One of my greatest joys is knowing that she lived long enough and was healthy enough to enjoy my children, her great grandchildren. Which brings us to mty before mentioned treasured memory.

I can still see it, like it happened just yesterday. My grandmother seated at the head of the kitchen table, peeling and slicing fresh, sweet peaches to make peach cobbler for our evening meal. On each side of the table sat two or three great-grandchildren, my oldest son, his little sister, my sister's two girls and her littlest at that time, a boy.

With every peach Grandma peeled and sliced, five little mouths opened in anticipation, reminding me of five hungry baby birds in a nest. And Grandma never failed, she'd pop a slice of peach into each eager little mouth. I swear, for every peach she did, only two or three slices landed in the bowl for the cobbler!

Time passes much to quickly sometimes. I lost my beloved Grandma over twenty years ago, and I miss her still everyday. My children are grown now, and have babies of their own. Recalling this memory today makes me determined to sit down one day soon, and make a peach cobbler of my own with MY grandchildren seated at the table around me. Maybe I'll forge some precious memories for my children, too.

Even though I have loads of loving memories, I don't have many physical things to remember her by. I DO have her precious tea set, though I've never used it. It spends its time perched on top of my kitchen cupboards, safely out of harms way. I got it down this morning and carefully washed all the dust and grime off so I could share it with you.

I recently decided that I'm going to find a teacup and saucer or two to match grandma's set, and then I am going to use that tea set to have special tea parties with my own granddaughters. I'll share stories of my special grandma with them, and all the joy that she brought to my life. Hopefully they will pass these memories down to their children and grandchildren, too.

This is one of the few photo's I have of my grandmother and myself when I was a baby. I know my mother has more, I just need to ask her for copies of them.

Love is meant to be remembered, passed on, and most importantly to shared and allowed to grow.

I love you, Grandma, and I always will! Thank you for giving me the good things in life that have helped me grow into the person that I am today.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you! Thank you! for giving me pause to remember my own sweet grandmothers. Each had their lovely traits and I cherish the time I was able to spend with each.

Karen said...

what a beautiful sentiment. i never really knew my grandparents (dad was orphaned and mom's mom was thousands of miles away), but my sons are really lucky to know and be loved by both sets. I look forward to the day I can be a gramma :D

Julie said...

That is a wonderful tribute to a very special lady. I hope you will use that tea set often!

glor said...

What a beautiful read. So special. I didn't really have grandparents so it was important to me that my children knew their grandparetns well and they did. Its stories like this that will live on and be cherised. Thank you for haring this. Blessings.

Sara said...

This is so sweet! Grandparents are special people. I am so thankful for my grandmother and for my parents who are wonderful grandparents to my children. Happy to see you at Tangle Happy. Thanks for your nice comment. :)