Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Happy Easter Sunday!

We've had a lovely Easter day here. My baby girl Wendy and I went for a walk as the sun was rising early this morning. She enjoyed all the different sights and smells, and surprised me immensely by rolling in the dew covered grass. Wendy does NOT like to get wet!

After we came home, I tried a new recipe from my favorite baking cookbook, "The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion", Hot Cross Muffins! Much quicker to make and bake than traditional Hot Cross Buns, but every bit as yummy, in my opinion. Everyone else seemed to like them, too, as they disappeared rather quickly. I made them with golden raisins and dried cranberries - such a good combination!

After our lunch, my grand daughter asked if we could go to the beach, and Dearest said yes, so off we went. I haven't felt up to walking on the beach in a long time, so this was a real treat for all of us! The flowers are blooming on the dunes, I don't know how well you can see them here. The beach was packed with people!

Dearest and I walked along the beach, watching grand daughter boogie boarding in the waves, and admiring all the different sand castle creations we saw. I found a couple special shells and saw a huge blue bottle jellyfish/ I wish I had captured a photo of the jelly fish, but the waves washed it back out before I could get a shot.

This was our favorite sand castle formation. The tide had started to wash over it, and it left these amazing spiral towers.

Our grand daughter waiting with her boogie board to catch the perfect wave. She had a great time, as did we. We didn't stay at the beach too long as I worried about her getting sunburned, and it was very warm for me!

Now we're all relaxing at home. I have a pot of vegetarian Chick'n and Dumplings bubbling away on the stove. We're having that stew with a side of fruit and a Key Lime Pie for dessert. My mouth is watering at the scents drifting from the kitchen!

I hope you all have had as wonderful a holiday as we have had. Many blessings to you all!


glor said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter was had by you all. Easter blessings and joy for sure. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me along on your little Easter adventure. I had such a good time!