Saturday, April 09, 2011

Confession Time

There's a part of me that's never grown up. I still collect shells when I walk on the beach. (You should see my shell gardens outside - I've brought home so many shells, I use them instead of stones or mulch in the borders beds.)

My favorite, rarer shells I keep in a jar on my toy shelf.

I also have baby dolls. These baby dolls don't belong to my grandchildren. They are MY dolls! This is a five inch doll I got at WalMart. The poor baby's outfit looked like someone was playing soccer with her on a very dirty floor, so she was on the marked down shelf. I had to rescue her, and in a way, she's helped 'rescue' me at times. She's perfect for those times when I want to crochet, but don't want to do a big project. I've made her clothes, and this morning she has a brand new bed and pillow to rest on. I'm thinking I'll make her a blanket for the bassinet, just haven't decided on the design or colors yet.

I looked online for patterns for the cradle purses that I made my grand daughters in the past, but the ones that I found weren't big enough for Suzy, so I adapted one to fit her. She fits nicely in the new one. I'm also very happy to report that crochet is starting to return to normal for me. It no longer takes me 45 minutes just to crochet one row LOL.

This is my Toy Shelf. You can see two of the other dolls I crocheted. To be honest, the one isn't 'crocheted', she's a yarn doll like the ones my grandmother would make for me when I was a little girl, but she IS wearing a crocheted dress, and has a crocheted cradle to sleep in. I like the Bunting Baby, too. I don't really care for making faces on baby dolls. I'm not good at embroidery at all, and they don't have to have faces for me to love them. Can you see Suzy's Easter basket with the robins egg in it? You might spot one of my teddy bears, and some of my pig collection as well.

Am I the only one? Does anyone else have baby dolls that they keep to dress up? I do hope you'll share if you do.

Have a great weekend!


Faith said...

I love the shells, have afew around myself, not alot I would love more ....someday..your baby doll is so cute...I don't have any dolls, persay...none which I dress up..I have a replica of my original Barbie doll, she is still inher box. I have a doll which is Amish, in Amish clothing, no face...just a cloth doll.

Cris said...

I must admit that I do not have a toy shelf... but I do sometimes buy me a toy... of course, the children eventually claim them for their own.

Anonymous said...

A sweet friend of mine gave me an American Girl Doll (Kit) about two years ago for my birthday. She had one and had been designing clothes for it and though I might enjoy it too. And I really have. Though it's hard to keep my granddaughter from taking her home for sleepovers.

I love the shells and wish there were more around here as I'd love them in my flower beds as well -- or just in jars about the house. So pretty.