Friday, April 08, 2011

Good Mornin'!

Good mornin',
Good mornin'!
We've talked the whole night through,
Good mornin'
Good mornin' to you.
Good mornin', good mornin'!
It's great to stay up late,
Good mornin', good mornin' to you.

I've had this song running through my head ever since I woke up. I even sang it to my grand-daughter when I got her up for school, poor baby!

I hope you all are having a bright, wonderful day!


Faith said...

And a Good Mornin to you...beautiful dear.

Just a Girl said...

what is this song from?? I even know the tune, but I can't remember what it's from for the life of me, lol! I think my own mother used to sing it to me when I was little.

Thank you for your sweet comments--and prayers! I appreciate each one, and I hope you find my blog encouraging as well. :)


~Just a Girl

TurtleDoveCoo said...

I should have said the lyrics are from the movie musical "Singing In The Rain" with Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor. I'm a big fan of old movies and musicals, love TCM, especially movies with a happy ending! I want to watch something uplifting and encouraging when I watch TV.

And I DO find your blog encouraging as well, Just A Girl! (That's why I enjoy visiting ;-) )

Cris said...

I am going to have to find it on youtube and listen to it.... I have a coworker that comes bouncing in every morning with a tune similar :)