Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sweet Memories

(I got my first ferret, Sugar Bob, way back in 2006. I was going through old files yesterday, and found this little story I wrote about him. It brought back such happy memories, I just couldn't resist sharing it with you.)

Much as I adore my baby ferret, he does seem to have a knack for getting into trouble. He wants to explore everywhere and everything! And trying to crochet when he is running around is next to impossible. Case in point...

One afternoon, I was deep into a project, when hubby decided Sugar needed some time out of his cage to play. Sugar seemed distracted with his toys, so I thought I was safe to continue with my hook and thread work. The next thing I knew, I felt a little 'thump' on the couch:

"Hi Mom! Whatcha' doing?"

"What's this?"

"Heeeyy, isn't this MY blankie?"

"Anything good in here?"

"No? How about here?"

"Whatdaya mean, no? Come on, Mom, you're no fun!"

"Oops... Ummm... Mom? Help! My head is stuck!"

"I'm so embarrassed..."

"Come on, Mom, put the camera away, please?"

"I'll never live this down."

We lost Sugar Bob to diabetes two years later. He won a place in my heart the first time I held him. He lives there still. I miss you, Sugar!!

Thanks for letting me share my sorrow and joy with you!


glor said...

What a most beautiful comment you left for me. I cannot thank you enough. Coming here is also such a treat and blessings for me. I love seeing what you do and your little ferrets are adorable. Wishing you a most blessed mother's day.

Snowcatcher said...

What an adorable little character! Thank you so much for rerunning this. I would have missed it, and I so enjoyed watching the little critter getting into your thread. Good that you have such precious memories.

Faith said...

Hi, just checking in on you...long time no talk? hope you are well..

KOK Church Mouse said...

Where are you? Hope you are well.

Cathyjo said...

We had our Sugar for 9yrs,I still have had time,with the lost.and lost our sandy the year before,had her for 6yers.They were so verry dear to my heart. Take Care ((Hugs))