Friday, May 06, 2011

Walking With A Ferret....

...does not for good photography make! I mean, I'm no where close to being a professional photographer to begin with, but my photo's usually come out better than the following. BUT I had promised myself that I would take the camera with me for our daily walk, and I kept that promise!

This is the entrance to the St. Joe's Walkway. Yes, it's blurry, and I apologize. It seemed every time I pressed the shutter button, Bubba decided to move. It really is a pretty, peaceful spot. The water on the sidewalk is NOT from rain, unfortunately, but from the sprinkler system, darn it. We really need some rain here!

This is - or rather was a beautiful little yellow flower. Bubba noticed that I was focusing the camera in on something, and thought that if I was taking a picture, I must be taking a photo of HIM! Yes, he stepped on it..... sigh

This is where the walkway curves to pass under the Palm Coast Parkway and starts to run along the waterway. I thought the ferrets would be frightened by the sounds of the traffic passing over the bridge, but it doesn't seem to bother them at all.

Yesterday I got to see a Little Blue Heron. Did I get a photo? noooooooo. Today, we saw a Great White Egret flying over the water, but due to the overcast conditions and again, BUBBA MOVING, I couldn't get an even half way good photo. I DID manage to get a photo of a Black Vulture. Some people think they are kind of creepy. I think they are cool. Does that make me weird?

A view down the walkway. Bubba loves the soft, sandy dirt along side the walk. Please pay no attention to the little 'tunnels' and holes in the ground. Ferrets do love to dig, did you know that?

We were fortunate to see dolphins again this morning. I hope they enjoyed their breakfast. I tried 12 times (yes, TWELVE) to get a photo of them 'blowing', it's so neat to see and hear them come up for air! No, I'm sorry - you won't see the dolphins in this photo, just the ripples from them. But they are there. You'll just have to take my word for it.

A lovely purple wildflower. Luckily, Bubba was distracted by a squirrel, and didn't get a chance to step on it before I got the shot. Yay me!!!!

I just love the silhouettes of the palms against the cloudy sky. So pretty!

This is a King Conch shell. Isn't it pretty? That is not a King Conch inside, though. It's a little crab! Can you see the little claws inside? I don't think he was too happy with me turning him upside down to get a picture of him. At least he didn't pinch me!

This is a LIVE King Conch! I love to collect these shells, and there were plenty of them along the waterway this morning. They were all occupied, so no shells for me! It's a good thing for as much as I love to collect seashells, I prefer living creatures even more.

And that's my walk for today. Bubba and I both had a lot of fun. I hope you've enjoyed sharing it with me.

Have a blessed day!

p.s. Bev, I was thinking of you as I walked today. I'm sorry the photo's didn't turn out better.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me along. OH my GOSH, what a beautiful area you live in. What gorgeous conch shells. I haven't ever seen any like that. I have one that I got in the Caymans but it is the typical white and pink. Those are amazing. Thanks again for taking me along on your walk. I had a great time.

glor said...

What a wonderful walk, thanks for taking us along. Those shells are amazing. Very beautiful where you are.