Friday, March 03, 2006

T.G.I.F.? I Don't Think So!

T.G.I.F.? I don't think so. I know I should be thankful that it's Friday, meaning tomorrow is the weekend, and we can go shopping and explore our new home area. But frankly, I'm a little bummed, and more than a little blue.

First off, my day started with a headache banging behind my eyes. No problem, I'll take some tylenol, and go back to bed for awhile. Maybe some extra z's will help, couldn't hurt, right? Good theory. Unfortunately, the phone kept ringing, one legitimate call, two from an 'unknown caller' who either didn't have the intelligence or the balls to speak. I mean, what's wrong with admitting you've made a mistake, dialed the wrong number? Come on now, it's a matter of good manners, of respect, for goodness sakes!

Giving up on the hope of anymore sleep, I went to the office of this extended stay place we're at, knowing they sell coffee, filters, and coffee machines, hoping they sell sugar, as well. No such luck. So no caffiene for me today. My mate finished off the lemonade last night so my choices for morning beverage are: lukewarm instant coffee with no cream no sugar, lukewarm hot chocolate - neither very appealling to me, or iced tap water YUCK

I'm not real happy living this way...

I am getting so frustrated! Our internet, provided by the extended stay place is DSL. And it sucks! I miss our cable internet service. It was so fast and DSL is so very, very slow. When I'm web surfing, some pages never load at all! I tried to relax earlier by playing my favorite Jeopardy! game, and I spent 10 very irritating minutes waiting for the d**n game to load, a process that would have taken 30 seconds to run using cable internet.

Maybe you can tell, I'm also more than a little bored here. I mean, I can watch t.v., crochet, read, all the things I do at 'home'. I can't dig out any of my art supplies, too much of a pain to do when we're only going to be here a short time. So what is it, why is it so frustrating, so boring here? When I figure it out, IF I figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know.

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