Sunday, March 05, 2006

Adventures In Hunting

A Hunting We Will Go...

...A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, hie hoe the dairy oh, a hunting we will go.
What's that? What are we hunting for? Why, apartments, of course! I know I'm sounding silly about it, and after spending almost eight hours yesterday driving around Bentonville and nearby Rogers, looking at too many different apartments, I realize there's nothing silly about it.

In fact, it's downright frustrating! For me, at least. We saw some nice apartments, and some not-so-nice apartments. My main problem is I want to live close to town. That shouldn't be a problem, you say? It is when your idea of 'close to town' and his idea of close to town differ in the miles, not city blocks.

I thought we had a good compromise yesterday, a lovely apartment close to a couple of shopping malls, though not right downtown Bentonville. We even discussed putting a security deposit on it today. But when we got back to our room last night, he got out the newspaper, and got on the internet, and decided there were a few more places we should check out. So my ordeal isn't over yet.

I haven't figured out why apartment hunting causes me to go into a near anxiety attack stage. I start out okay, all hopeful and excited about hunting for our new home. But as the day wears on, I develop a headache, my stomach begins to twist into knots, and I find myself silently chanting the mantra, "please let this be over soon, please let this be over soon."

I think it might be basically the fear of the unknown. My mate is a great navigator, has an impeccable sense of direction, for the most part. There are times though, not to sound disloyal or anything, when he's not -shall we say- the greatest at writing down directions. He's also the type of man who, when assembling something, takes one look at the instructions and says, "Instructions?!!? We don't need no steenking instructions!" In a cheesy fake accent, of course!

As a result, sometimes we spend what seems like hours driving around, while he says things like 'let's try this way', or 'if I turn here, and then turn there', or 'let's see that map again!'... While I cringe in my seat, trying desperately, though not always successfully, to keep my mouth shut. And I pray. A lot.

So, again today, a hunting we will go. Wish me luck, please?

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