Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In MY World

Have you ever imagined a world of your own creation? I have, and the following is a result of that musing.

In MY World...

There would be no sleepless nights, unless you wanted to remain awake. You would inhale the scent of a lovely bedside flower and fall fast asleep. Magic would be real, it would truely exist in my world, the world of my dreams.

You would always know your soul mate, even if you could never physically be together. You would have an hour or two each evening to converse, to share your thoughts, dreams, longings, wishes and troubles, via any mirror you choose.

In my world, everyone would have a valuable talent. Even if your talent was only for listening, it would be acknowledged and treasured. Every person would be treasured, not only for their talent, but for simply who they are, a one of a kind (which we all are, really) human being. You would be measured for the abilities you have, and not what you lack.

Children would be raised without hate or prejudice. They would not be taught violence in any form, but especially not by example. The pure spirit of a child would never be crushed. There would always be someone around to answer their questions, like - why is the sky blue, or - what makes the thunder roar so?

Children would be children for as long as they needed to be. No more would they be encouraged to hurry up and grow. They would have all the time they needed to explore the world and people around them.

In my world, no one would ever want to stop learning. People would always have the desire to know more, to find out the whys and wherefors. The only time the hunger to learn would slow would be when they were sharing what they loved learning about. Everyone would be a teacher of some kind. You would always find time to learn from others, too, everyone sharing their discoveries equally.

In the land of my dreams, no one would ever go hungry. Unless they wanted to. Food would be plentiful on the bushes and trees. The animals, the birds and the bees, even the reptiles and snakes, would be our brothers and sisters. We would share labor, love, and concern for each others well-being equally.

This is not to say that my world would be a perfect world. There would still be sorrow, still be pain, and at times, loneliness would exist. For how can you know true joy until you have experienced sorrow? Would you know what bliss it was to be healthy if you had not suffered some pain? And how could you be a true friend, lover or soul mate if you had never felt loneliness or loss in your heart? It is part of growing and learning, of life, to discover the meanings of these words, sad as they are.

In my world, sunrises and sunsets would be a time for reflection and meditation. That time would be a time of peace, a time to feed your soul and your imagination, a holy time if you will. The first notes of a bird would be your anthem to greet the day, the stars and moon a path to light your way to slumbers and restorative dreams.

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