Sunday, December 23, 2012

Using Up My Scraps

 I've lots of small balls of yarn in my stash, I'm so very grateful for them this time of year!
 These cute little stockings are called Woolly Toons Mini Stockings and I found the free pattern on Ravelry.
 I had lots of fun thinking up different expressions for them!
I have to thank Kim Lapsley for sharing the free pattern for these mini stockings via Ravelry.

 Hunting through my craft bin, I actually found a pair of safety eyes. I think they're a little too large to use on these mini stockings, but he turned out cute never the less.
 Ah yes, jingle bells, ribbon roses and wire edged ribbon, all from my craft stash! I wanted a angel for the top of my $1.50 tree.
 A mini poinsettia doily. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I found the pattern for this beauty.
 A fancy Colorfish (pattern by Nureffa Said), also free on Ravelry. Just a little stocking stuffer for the grands - great grands.
 A sweet little elephant angel (Aidan's Elephant by Justyna Kacprzak) from Ravelry.

 Baby Owl Ornament by Josephine Wu. (I suck at embroidery, can't you tell?)
 Mini Kitty, from the Kitty Got My Key pattern by Ana Rosa. Tiny, but sweet.
 I changed the pattern a little here, making up my own tail, and only adding two paws as my hands were giving me trouble.

Free Amigurumi pig pattern by Jennifer Ramirez, also found on Ravelry.

My little Christmas tree is getting quite full with my handmade ornaments. I'm quite happy with the way it's turning out. Now I'm  off to add the finishing touches to my Christmas gifts.

Merry Christmas!

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