Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introducing Princess Wendy NeKe

It's another chilly morning here in north east Florida, perfect weather for cuddling up and working on my new cardigan. The warmth the yarn fabric gives reminds me of the warm feelings I get from my furbabies, ferrets Wendy (full name Princess Wendy NeKe) and Bubba (full name Prince Ga'arra). I could write volumes about both Wendy and Bubba, their various antics and all the love and joy they bring to my life, but I thought I'd start with just a short intro to Wendy.

I got Wendy when she was just about 6 weeks old (she's now almost 4 years old). We were living just outside Chicago, Illinois, and I already had a ferret, Sugar Bob (a long, sad story I'll tell you about some other time. Anyway, I took one look at Wendy and she captured my heart. She has the sweetest personality! Wendy has the ability to sense just what her 'mommy' needs at any time and does her best to fulfill that need. She, like all ferrets, is playful, loving, curious, and a seemingly endless ball of energy. I've always said that ferrets are like the best of a dog and cat mixed together. They are loyal and loving, and never out grow the playful kitten stage. They also use a litter box inside the house, and with proper training, love to go for long walks on a leash.

Some of my favorite things about Wendy is when she curls up on my chest or lap for a nap, how she loves to ride inside my jacket when the weather gets too chilly for her, and when she walks up to me, and looks right at me with a doleful expression on her face. That's her signal for, "Pick me up, Mommy, I'm too tired to walk now".

Wendy fills my life with love, joy, laughter, and brightness. What more could you ask from a loyal companion?

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