Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Christmas Wish

I wish I had been there,
that very first Christmas,
just to watch as that town
slumbered in ignorance.

What would it have been like
to see that one star,
that magnificent orb,
bathe a lowly stable
in a wonderous light?

And, what did those poor men,
those lowly shepherds, feel,
suddenly awakening,
there in the presence of
an angelic chorus?

No wonder the angel
told them - Be not afraid.

I would have been struck dumb,
hiding my face in fear,
instead of savouring
all of the majesty
of that one brief moment.

I wish I had been there
when those gates were opened,
and mortal man was awed
by the joyful anthems
of His heavenly choir.
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mamaduck said...

great poem