Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Computer Problems...

I've been having some problems with my computer. I'm not big on technical terms, but it freezes or locks up at the most inconvenient times. It's constantly telling me my network cable is unplugged when I know darn well it isn't. I can see the cable's in it's proper slot, nice and tight. It tells me I have new mail when I don't and vice versa. I've run virus ware, and spy ware, defragged it numerous times, all to no avail. Now I finally know what my problem is.

A gremlin has taken up residence in my computer. She's been here a while, I just didn't notice it. (Yes, girl gremlins exist. though they're quite rare. They prefer to be called gremmies.)This little gremmie is quite sneaky by nature. She usually appears and disappears when I least expect it. She's generally a creature of mischief. though sometimes helpful, and sometimes she can be very spiteful! I try not to make her angry (she hates bad jokes), as she tends to radiate bad luck when displeased.

She was quite satisfied with her living conditions until I had to give up eating cookies (she was happy eating the crumbs that sifted between the keys on the keyboard). It turns out she hates potato chips and pickle juice, so I'm trying to find something that she WILL like, that won't gum up my keyboard. Hopefully, she'll leave my computer alone then. Any advice on dealing with gremlins would be greatly appreciated!

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