Thursday, February 23, 2006

My First Post!

...And I have absolutely no idea of what to say! What a time for my mind to go blank, huh? Performance jitters, perhaps, as I had all sorts of ideas of this to say when I started out. Perhaps a brief introduction will do for now.
I am a forty-seven year old mother of four, grandmother of eight, writer, artist, and craftsperson, currently in the process of moving from Pittsburgh, Pa., to Bentonville, AR. I've been told I'm even-tempered, creative, patient (I could argue with that one) and family-oriented.
My passions include romance, writing, bookbinding, origami, anything with paper, crochet, pen and ink, watercolor, and polymer clay among other things. I also like travel, hiking, exploring the wonders of nature in general, reading and surfing the internet. I'm not real big on TV, but I do like movies, especially comedies, romances, and musicals. I'm not political AT ALL.
That should about do it for now. Welcome to my nest, make yourself at home, and come back anytime! I hope we'll enjoy our visits together!

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